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#19415 running 39 minutes ago practicalswift net: Make DNS lookup mockable, add fuzzing harness
#19203 failed 46 minutes ago practicalswift net: Add regression fuzz harness for CVE-2017-18350. Add FuzzedSocket. Add thin SOCKET wrapper.
#19478 failed 55 minutes ago JeremyRubin Kill mapLinks data structure in Mempool
#18086 failed 1 hour ago sipa Accurately account for mempool index memory
#19033 failed 2 hours ago promag http: Release work queue after event base finish
#19476 failed 3 hours ago promag wip, rpc: Add mempoolchanges
master failed 3 hours ago Head: 2aaff4813cc340764c99846513d58fc3553fcb6a
#19137 failed 3 hours ago achow101 wallettool: Add dump and createfromdump commands
#19472 failed 5 hours ago jnewbery [net processing] Reduce cs_main scope in MaybeDiscourageAndDisconnect()
#19031 failed 5 hours ago vasild Implement ADDRv2 support (part of BIP155)
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