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master running 15 minutes ago Head: c19fd96694d15966f1cc83c43bae2746b92d3149
#19104 running 37 minutes ago promag gui, refactor: Register Qt meta types in application constructor
#11082 running 48 minutes ago luke-jr Add new bitcoin_rw.conf file that is used for settings modified by this software itself
#19041 running 49 minutes ago MarcoFalke ci: tsan with -stdlib=libc++
#19106 running 1 hour ago vasild util: simplify the interface of serviceFlagToStr()
master running 1 hour ago Head: e4bfd51acc111c27f8a808756f88738b02388c38
#19101 running 2 hours ago ryanofsky refactor: remove ::vpwallets and related global variables
#18923 running 2 hours ago MarcoFalke wallet: Never schedule MaybeCompactWalletDB when -flushwallet is off
#19099 failed 2 hours ago ryanofsky refactor: Move wallet methods out of chain.h and node.h
master success 3 hours ago Head: f2e2c5ebcccf8d656b850c28452e6e652934f36b
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Jobs for build 3784

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10627 success ARM 00:21:03
10628 success Win64 00:25:57
10629 success Linux x86_64 00:47:25
10630 success Linux32 00:51:01
10631 success macOS 00:27:38
10632 success Linux x86_64 - system libs, clang 00:45:23

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