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#17659 running 15 minutes ago hebasto qt: Do not block GUI thread in RPCConsole
#19710 running 27 minutes ago hebasto bench: Prevent thread oversubscription and decreases the variance of result values
#19064 running 41 minutes ago hebasto refactor: Cleanup thread ctor calls
#17877 running 1 hour ago hebasto qt, refactor: Make BitcoinUnits::Unit a scoped enum
#19659 running 1 hour ago darosior Add a seed corpus generation option to the fuzzing test_runner
master failed 1 hour ago Head: b4d0366b47dd9b8fe29cc9a100dcdf6ca1d3cabf
#18790 failed 1 hour ago hebasto gui: Improve thread naming
#19709 failed 1 hour ago hebasto test: Fix 'make cov' with clang
master failed 4 hours ago Head: 6757b3ac8f670cbc188fc7531394e713975c9351
master failed 6 hours ago Head: 1052b09031c63f20390486680f3117d40bb89d88
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Jobs for build 280

Job # State Name Duration Current Task
1675 success ARM 00:04:36
1676 success Win64 00:06:28
1677 success Linux x86_64 00:24:57
1678 success Linux32 00:29:42
1679 failed macOS 00:07:57
1680 success Linux x86_64 - system libs, clang 00:33:02

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