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#20025 failed 51 minutes ago gzhao408 validation/util: add GetTransactionFee
master success 1 hour ago Head: 055abfbc5a4d5e6ffc0011ab045949e08fff0f84
master success 1 hour ago Head: 4f45ea1f739349d75ef4273bfb369395eec2fb39
#20024 success 1 hour ago practicalswift init: Fix incorrect warning "Reducing -maxconnections from N to N-1, because of system limitations"
#10102 failed 4 hours ago ryanofsky [experimental] Multiprocess bitcoin
master success 6 hours ago Head: 8aa3a4a498742dc42631956ed3599b3fb2b80302
#20023 success 6 hours ago theStack test: remove unused constants in functional tests
#20022 success 8 hours ago guggero test: use explicit p2p objects where available
#20016 success 9 hours ago ajtowns uint256: 1 is a constant
#20018 success 11 hours ago dhruv p2p: ProcessAddrFetch(-seednode) is unnecessary if -connect is specified
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