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#17681 running 3 minutes ago achow101 wallet: Keep inactive seeds after sethdseed and derive keys from them as needed
#17635 running 10 minutes ago hebasto ci: Add CentOS 7 build
#17597 failed 1 hour ago hebasto qt: Fix height of QR-less ReceiveRequestDialog
#17685 failed 1 hour ago practicalswift tests: Fix bug in the descriptor parsing fuzzing harness (descriptor_parse)
master failed 1 hour ago Head: 4ee8a58ce77a1e013af98ceff1cf96bd0e4fd436
master failed 1 hour ago Head: da1af855f9bfe19faaad63b731ed34484f16525e
#12134 failed 1 hour ago Sjors Build previous releases and run functional tests
#17647 failed 1 hour ago nijynot lcov: filter depends
#16373 failed 2 hours ago instagibbs bumpfee: Return PSBT when wallet has privkeys disabled
#17677 failed 2 hours ago instagibbs Activate watchonly wallet behavior for LegacySPKM only
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Jobs for build 4102

Job # State Name Duration Current Task
21804 failed ARM 00:14:16
21805 success Win64 00:16:42
21806 success Linux x86_64 00:23:38
21807 success Linux32 00:29:47
21808 failed macOS 00:21:12
21809 success Linux x86_64 - system libs, clang 00:26:13

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