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#19013 failed 1 hour ago Sjors test: add v0.20.1, v0.21.0 and v22.0 to backwards compatibility test
master failed 4 hours ago Head: c9d7d0a653910fa3f2dc40e4355c638ec3f0fcb5
#23577 failed 9 hours ago meshcollider Follow-ups to Bech32 error detection
#23280 failed 9 hours ago dongcarl init: Coalesce Chainstate loading sequence between {,non-}unittest codepaths
master failed 11 hours ago Head: aef8c7cf82cff24ddd88fab0a3c5fb93de467886
#23637 failed 11 hours ago MarcoFalke miner: Remove uncompiled MTP code
#23635 failed 11 hours ago hebasto test: Bump shellcheck version to 0.8.0
master failed 11 hours ago Head: c5712d172e92e231b8dc2828d4cf4bbbb8e86a16
master failed 12 hours ago Head: 63c0d0e937afed7169c981a9b3a95e0fc5e44040
#23636 failed 14 hours ago MarcoFalke Remove GetAdjustedTime from init.cpp
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